About Workshop

The top management is continually imposing new challenges on the staff responsible for shutdown and turnaround, major equipment maintenance and overhaul. Especially on companies with equipment for continuous processes – such as refineries, petrochemical – or equipment that requires overhaul maintenance every few years – like power generation -. Those challenges will not cease and will always be demanding goals such as zero accidents, meeting shutdown times and budget costs, and achieving the time expected for the next operating cycle.

In this regard, the key of success is to formulate a quality system and continuous improvement model, constantly reviewing the process, its procedure and always questioning the practices, and in general, the methods used.

Maintenances process, specifically those of shutdown and turnaround, are very susceptible to changes on the practices that are applied. Models such as challenging the scope of the shutdown, questioning the critical path, drafting and application of lessons learned, among others, are some of the tasks that can be continuously optimized during the planning, programming and execution stages.

This course/workshop will allow the participants to obtain a new overview of the process with its procedures and an examination of current practices used for non-corrective maintenance that necessarily imply a plant shutdown.